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- Owner Financing -

Looking for a new rural property in Texas to build a home? Or perhaps you’re in the market to buy a bit of Texas land for your family’s recreation. Making any property purchase can be a daunting task, whether you are a seasoned real estate agent or a first-time buyer. One of the major tasks to be concerned with is financing. Creekside Rural Investments and its affiliates own the land we offer to our customers. This allows us to offer competitive owner-financed terms instead of a traditional mortgage.

Owner financing, also called “seller financing” or “owner will carry” has become popular since it offers substantially more flexible financing options. Many would-be land buyers have difficulties finding a bank loan to buy rural/vacant land, so owner financing is an attractive alternative.

Owner-financed contracts begin with a down payment, followed by scheduled payments to the seller (instead of the bank) according to terms that the seller and the buyer agree upon. Owner-financed terms are offered for almost all of our rural Texas properties for sale.

- 25 Years of Business -

We sell land all over the state of Texas: north, south, east, and west. We focus on finding beautiful land that we can sell at affordable prices so that you can fulfill your dream of land ownership. We are certain we have acreage you will like, so check out our property listings today!

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Our team will work on an agreeable purchase price and we will help you find your dream place. If you have your own financing, we are thrilled to work with you, too. If you like Texas land and want to live and play in Texas, you’re in the right place. Browse our inventory of properties and contact us today to get started.

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