If you dream of owning land, you aren’t alone. Land ownership has always been a significant idea, and here at Creekside Rural Investments, we are proud to make it possible for you to have a piece of land that is all your own. Texas is a fantastic place to invest, and we make it even better by providing a diverse array of owner financed land. When you buy land with us, you get a personalized, tailored experience facilitated by experienced experts. We invite you to check out our selection of land in several beautiful locations and contact us to start a conversation.

  1. Assorted vegetables that can be grown on rural property in east Texas land.

    How to Avoid Scams When Buying Owner Financed Land

    When you purchase land in East Texas, you can enjoy it not only as a solid investment, but also as tangible rural property you can put to use however you like. Some people decide to grow vegetable and fruit crops on their land, either to feed their families or as a small farm business, selling produ…Read More

  2. Questions You Should Ask Before Buying A Tract of Land For Sale

    Land is still, and probably always will be, an attractive investment. It’s a tangible, long-term asset, and it’s not subject to the sometimes chaotic fluctuations the stock market experiences, or even the significant ups and downs the real estate market in some parts of the nation goes through. …Read More