Green field with rolls of hay and trees in the background, plus a blue sky.

For countless people, owning a piece of land is the dream. If you’re one of those individuals who aspires to own land, consider purchasing in East Texas. There are numerous benefits to doing so; we’ve listed a few of the top ones here.

More Than An Investment

When you buy rural Texas land, you get more than an investment. You get a real, tangible asset that you can use to your heart’s content. Start that small farm you’ve always wanted to have; it’s very doable with much of the land for sale in Texas.

If you’re not familiar with the region, you might be surprised by how green everything is. Your land may have lots of beautiful trees you can enjoy on healthy hikes or birdwatching treks. Don’t worry; a hike on your land won’t be grueling, because even though there may be slight slopes, there won’t be any vertical ridges or peaks to scale.

Perhaps you’ve been mulling over the possibility of ranching; with East Texas land, you can provide your livestock with great grazing conditions complete with tasty grass to consume and large trees to provide valuable shade.

You can do so much with your land! The possibilities are nearly endless.


In much of the nation, prices have gone up so much that buying land is out of many people’s reach. Not so in East Texas. Land prices in the region remain attractively affordable. Rural land for sale in Texas is attainable for the average person; compare it to coastal land in California or farmland in upstate New York, and you’ll see the difference.


What’s more, East Texas is not overly developed, like so many areas of the United States have become. This means you can still purchase wide, open stretches of pastoral land and use it for whatever you like. If you want to develop it, that’s a possibility. If you want to leave it in its pristine, natural state and enjoy owning a piece of untouched land, the choice is yours!

Speaking of choice, there’s much to peruse here for your selection. We think you’ll have a great time viewing properties both online and in person.

There’s something very therapeutic and satisfying about visiting land that you own that’s still in its untouched, natural splendor. East Texas communities like Hamilton, Lampasas River, McGregor, Dime Box, and countless others offer a certain charm, tranquility, and pristineness that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Image of rural land with grass, trees, and a golden sky.

Owner Financing Is A Possibility

Nowadays, traditional banks take fewer risks. While some people find it a challenge to secure a loan for the purpose of purchasing land, they’ll be happy to learn that owner financing is a very real possibility, and far more attainable than many realize. In East Texas, many people choose the owner financing option and benefit from the advantages it offers, including better terms and shorter closing time.

Contact Creekside Rural Investments To Learn More

If you’re ready to take a look at what you can buy in East Texas and take advantage of this golden opportunity while land is still available at affordable prices, contact Creekside Rural Investments today. We have been helping land buyers find just the right property to buy, and we offer owner financing for added convenience.

Our options change from season to season; here are some of the properties and features you can expect to find at any given time:

  • Riverside Property: Enjoy the serenity of land with tree-lined banks along the Lampasas River.
  • Gorgeous Views: Many of our properties offer scenic views of wide open expanses that are downright inspiring.
  • Rural Oases: Our buyers love to delve deep into nature’s beauty in their newly purchased properties that boast tranquil ponds, verdant trees, meandering creeks, and more.
  • Country Escapes: It’s great to escape city life for a while and enjoy a restorative country atmosphere!

To get started in your search, contact Creekside Rural Investments today!